Amanda&Joel | Niagara Engagement Photographer

I met Amanda and Joel for the first time at their engagement session (since they live out of town) and I have never laughed so much during a session. It's clear to see that these two are made for each other!  When we arrived at Botanical Gardens it was down pouring. Luckily it stopped and we [...]

Rob&Melissa | Niagara Wedding Photographer

These high school sweethearts are getting married! Rob & Melissa started the session a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, but it made for some super adorable candid shots. It didn't take them long to become pros - that's one of the main reasons I include a complimentary engagement session with every wedding package. It gives [...]

Mr&Mrs. Cleveland | Niagara Wedding Photographer

On a very rainy September day I arrived at the Buffalo Canoe Club (with my wonderful Second Shooter Vicki) to photograph Shelby and Randy's special day. It was pouring for most of the morning, but these two dealt with it in their own way, with a little bit of humour! I'm not sure I've laughed so much with [...]

Danielle&Dylan|Niagara Engagement Photographer

When you plan a winter portrait session this is exactly what you dream of. Driving to this little nook it was snowing and blowing so bad we almost had to turn back but as soon as we turned down the Firelane the wind stopped and the snow was falling perfectly - you know the snow I'm talking [...]

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Dan&Danielle | Niagara Engagement Photographer

Meet Dan and Danielle (Yes, yes, they know! Daniel and Danielle. Ha Ha.) Or as I affectionately like to call them, Dan² (Dan-Squared). Danielle and Dan met exactly two years before their engagement session. Dan was born in Poland. He speaks Polish and plays the accordion - an instant hit with Danielle's mom. Not to mention he is [...]

Tara&Derek | Niagara Wedding Photographer

On a mild November day, I photographed Tara&Derek's wedding with my close friend and fellow photographer Vicki Rivers. I arrived at the Tara's sisters house in the morning and was greeted by the usual pre-wedding chaos; hair spray flying and Christmas music playing ( November??!) So escaped upstairs for a few minutes to get some detail [...]

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Kerri&Ryan | 09/29/12

Last spring I had a lot of fun taking Kerri&Ryan's engagement photos at Point Abino. As we talked about their wedding plans, I grew even more excited to capture their wedding. It was a beautiful, warm September day when I arrived at the Bride's house. Kerri chose to have two of her four younger sisters to help her dressed. [...]

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Behind the Scenes

In November I had the pleasure of photographing Tara&Derek's wedding with my good friend Vicki Rivers. Throughout the day she snapped a few photos of me, so I thought I would share! Any photographer knows, when it comes to weddings we're not just a photographer, we're the boutonniere pinner, the dress carrier, the make-up fixer and [...]

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June 2012 While we were driving between locations Jessy told me about Kyle and herself. The story gave me goosebumps! They met at curling when they were 15 years old. Jessy told me she knew right away that she liked him because "He was the first guy that I was every shy around, and I'm not [...]

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