Brims | Hamilton Family Photographer

I was so happy when Stephanie contacted me about booking a session for her grandparent's 60th anniversary gift. Photographs make a great keepsake and there is no better time than the present! 4 generations of Brims, love this portrait!    This is the goal, 60 years of marriage and you can still see the love in their [...]

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Synder | Hamilton Family Photographer

This family was one of the lucky winners of my 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. From our pre-consultation I knew that this session was going to be great! Mom did a great job coordinating outfits and regardless of how cold and windy it was the kids did AMAZING. Doing exactly what I asked without and "no's" or [...]

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Ava | Niagara Child Photographer

Ava is one and she celebrated with portraits and a cake smash! And by she I mean her mom and dad, because really.. Ava had no idea what was going on but she did know that she wasn't a fan of it. I got quite a few evil eyes from her throughout the session but they were [...]

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Spring Mini Sessions | Niagara Child and Family Photographer

On a perfect, warm sunny spring day. Seven families came to have their portraits captured during my Spring Mini Sessions. New clients, returning clients, I adore all of these families so much. I had a lot of fun photographing everyone and I hope that  they did too! Okay, seriously. This girl. Adorable. Ashton is turning two soon [...]

The V’s | Life Series

Meet the Virag's. They have come to me to document their family nine times since 2011. Until recently I have been unable to post their portraits but now I'm free to share and I'm pretty excited about it! I've held onto these photographs for far too long. This will be a significantly long post, but hang in there, it's [...]

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Simpson’s Part Two | Niagara Family Photographer

In November I photographed the first part of this session with the Simpson's, then I came back again in December when Julia and Evie's grandparents and Aunt arrived from Australia! This is just one of those families you can't help but fall in love with - plus the accents, come on, who doesn't love an Australian accent??! [...]

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Watson’s | Niagara Family Photographer

For the past 3 years I have photographed Tara and Derek on November 10th - recreating their favourite wedding portrait, I can't wait to see this tryptic hung in their house! I met Tara and Derek for the first time at the pre-consultation before their wedding, at that moment I had no idea that a little over [...]

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Simpsons | Niagara Family Photographer

It is always a pleasure seeing the Simpson family all together. You probably recognize Katie, Dave and the girls from recent blog posts, however it's been two years - and two new children - since I photographed everyone all together! I love photographing extended families. We often forget, or neglect, to include adult siblings and parents when planning family portraits (When [...]

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Muldoon’s | Hamilton Family Photographer

I had a lot of fun with this little family.  It was a wee bit chilly, but they pushed through and we got some adorable family portraits for them! Thank you for being champs and putting up with my "just one more." I think this is my favourite portrait from the day. There's just something about it! [...]

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The Simpson’s | Niagara Family Photographer

Ah, the Simpson's. They've been with me from the beginning, so this family is near and dear to my heart. Two babies and NINE portrait sessions later, here we are. These four are so natural together, they're a ton of fun to work with and down to earth - must be the Aussie in them! Katie, Dave and [...]

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