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liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton02 Here are the latest portraits of Eliza. Thank god for mild days in November, I’ve been soaking them up! liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton03liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton01 liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton04 liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton05 The “outtakes” from my sessions with Eliza always end up being my favourites. This is the girl that I see everyday, with a personality all too familiar to me.  liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton06 Eliza’s Life Series. It’s hard to believe how much thy can change in 6 short months. liz_czinege_child_photographer_niagara_hamilton07

While I was at it, I managed to grab a few portraits of my niece and nephews all together! Matthias and Eliza love their new little (not to little, what the heck!) cousin so much.


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