A Personal Update

I'm sitting on the porch drinking my morning coffee - my favourite time of the day and coincidentally the time when I get the most thinking done. It's a rainy day here at the cottage, but I'm thankful for the surrenity I feel at this moment. Recently I was playing 20 questions with a friend (I [...]

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Jewels for Jules | Rare Genetic & Neurological Disorder Awareness

Some of you may recognize this beautiful happy little girl as Julia, or Jules to her family. Julia's parents have been my clients since she was born - and my friends for longer. Julia is honestly the happiest little girl I have ever met and it breaks my heart to be writing this post. At a few months [...]

Behind the Lens with Liz Czinege Photography

On Friday I released "Behind the Lens with Liz Czinege Photography". It's a short little video with a bit of fun, a bit of talking and a lot of newborn sweetness. All I can say is wow. The response that I have already received from this video is surprising - thank you so much! (If you haven't [...]

Does Anyone Read These Things?

A few weeks ago I was deciding whether or not to offer Easter Minis. They have never appealed to me; plastic eggs, live unsanitary animals (however cute!), AstroTurf. Whether you know me personally or follow my photography, there's a good chance that you know those things are the furthest from my style. "I solemnly swear never to [...]

Is it Spring yet??

Is anyone else wondering if Spring will ever come? The groundhog told us six more weeks of winter, which means that this cold, dreary time should be coming to an end soon. But as I sit here in my bulky sweater and wool socks I can't help but wonder when. I long to walk outside and [...]

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Hi Aussie Fans!

WordPress sent me statistics from my 2013 year. Perhaps I should move to Australia, it seems I have some fans over there! I definitely wouldn't mind the Aussie heat while I freeze my bum off over here in Canada! To all of you - in North America or across the world - who take the time to [...]

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Are they here yet?!

As you may, or may not know, I am a huge believer in getting photographs printed. Last week I photographed my niece and ordered some of her portraits for my family and I. As I sit here waiting for the photographs to arrive from my supplier, the excitement is unbearable. Knowing that these photographs are mine [...]

Exciting Announcement!

If you follow my Facebook Page, then you know that for several months I have eluded to some exciting news. As some of you may, or may not know, I have been spending a great deal of my time in Hamilton and have begun to expand my business there. I am very excited to begin this next [...]

Eliza | Niagara Child Photographer

A few weeks ago I came up with an idea for this shoot when I was inspired by a huge field of wild flowers. When I went back to look at the location to make sure everything was ready to go, I found that the City of Port Colborne had cut down the field of wild [...]

What will you have?

When our parents and grandparents took photos it was to document. But it recently occurred to me that today’s generation take pictures to share, on facebook.. on instagram.. but these photos never seem to get printed.  They're snapshots that scream “Hey, look at my food!” (I’m definitely guilty of doing this.)  Our photos have turned into [...]

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