Katelyn & Colin | Niagara Family Photographer

This is Katelyn and Colin.. and Chloe.. and Kali. They're friends of mine. I have to be honest - when Katelyn first asked me to take family portraits outdoors, with BOTH of their furry animals, I laughed. But we planned, and after rescheduling twice due to terrible weather, we made it happen. Kali and I have [...]

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Deanna&Matty | Mommy&Me | Niagara Family Photographer

It is such an honor to spend time with Deanna&Matty, being a photographer herself it means a lot that she would choose me to photograph her family. I met Deanna when I was a student at Lakeshore. She was both teacher&mentor for my senior years - and also a professional photographer. Unsure of what I wanted to [...]

Brian, Matthias&Eliza | Niagara Family Photographer

I've been taking photos of my niece every Spring&Fall since she was born. She is far more willing to be photographed then her brother! Last Spring I took photos of her and my nephew - which are some of my favourite photos to date, I may be biased, but hey! - so this year I thought [...]

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The Simpson’s | Niagara Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I photographed this lovely family. They chose to do the session in their parents backyard. It was their childhood home and holds memories for all of the siblings, so what better place to take photos of their growing family.  It was a bit chilly, but I'm happy that they were willing to [...]

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Paul&Laura | 19 Years | Niagara Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I photographed my brother and sister-in-law. Growing up Laura was like the sister I never had and it's safe to say I can't imagine my life without her. But really, when they started dating I was 18 months old, I actually can't remember my life without her, but I wouldn't want it [...]

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The Boersema’s | Niagara Family Photographer

In May, I had the pleasure of photographing Harry, MaryJane and Nicole Boersema in the Niagara Gorge. When we were discussing where they wanted to do the photos, I jumped at the idea to take their photos in the Gorge. Its beauty is so breathtaking, I couldn't wait to use it as a backdrop!! This one is [...]

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