Cole | Niagara Newborn Photographer

Cole, two days old and perfect!  I'm so ecstatic that Mom and Dad welcomed me into their home on their first full day home from the hospital. They're such champs and so laid back! And you could definitely tell during his session, he was the best little guy to photograph! Couldn't help but include this special [...]

Lukas | Niagara Newborn Photographer

The below image pretty much sums up how Lukas felt about his newborn portraits. He was having NONE of it. But that's okay because we still got some images that Mom and Dad love and we have 3 more sessions in his first year to make up for it! So snuggly! Newborn piggies! Lukas looks like the Thinker in [...]

Cole | Niagara Child Photographer

Cole will be turning one in a few weeks. I was so happy when his Mom contacted me about doing birthday portraits. I love seeing how much they have grown since their newborn portraits and what better first birthday present - something that he will cherish for a lifetime.  Cole's big brother is so patient with him, [...]

Nicholas | Ancaster Child Photographer

Happy 6 Months Nicholas! Times flies! I was loving this kids rocking' style during his session last week. Denim and plaid, my favourites! Last time I photographed Nicholas he was so serious, this time he was all smiles! I love capturing portraits for the "Baby's First Year" package. It's awesome to watch them grow and hit [...]

Nicholas | Ancaster Child Photographer

Nicholas was in the studio for his 3 months portraits as part of his "Baby's First Year" Package. It feels like yesterday that I was waiting to hear of his arrival and now he's already 3 months old! I can't believe how much he looks like his sister Isabella. Nicholas did so well keeping his head [...]

Nicholas | Ancaster Newborn Photographer

This little munchkin was only 6 pounds when I photographed him. He is such a sweet little boy, he slept through the ENTIRE session and we were done in record time - less than two hours! (I not so secretly love premies. Super tiny and bendy and sleepy, you can't go wrong.) Not very many babies [...]

Isabella | First Birthday | Hamilton Child Photographer

One year has come to a close. I'm always at a lose when it comes to talking about the last session in my Baby's First Year package. It's bittersweet, I love watching my little clients grow and reach new milestones! After each session with Isabella I didn't think she could get any more adorable - but [...]

Alexis | One Year | Niagara Child Photographer

I'm always a little sad when babies come in for their birthday session - the last in my Baby's First Year package. It's so great watching them grow and reach new milestones. We planned a vintage theme for Alexis' portraits, using a rug and birdcage from her bedroom I love the way these came out. This regularly very [...]

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Isabella | 9 Months | Hamilton Child Photographer

Isabella is part of my Baby's First Year family, and recently she was back in front of my camera for her 9 month session. I must say, that headband is getting a little small! I've loved watching her grow, I'm going to be sad once I complete her first year and I don't get to see her [...]

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Alexis | 9 Months | Niagara Child Photographer

Alexis is part of my Baby's First Year family. I can't believe that I only have one session left, this year has flown by! These are some of my favourite portraits from her nine month session. Her mom and I came up with this vintage theme for her First Year. I'm excited to show you what [...]

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